FX Waiver

Legal Waiver App

Rights App for Social Media Team


FX needed an app that would allow their Social Media team to easily get legal waivers from people at conventions in order to make posts with their image.

Problem / Opportunity

The Social Media team used a website to save the waiver information. However, during conventions, connectivity was very low due to mobile networks getting extremely overloaded and waivers were not getting uploaded and posts were delayed because of this. Sometimes they had to fallback to a traditional paper and pencil approach which added to the overall workload overhead.



Provide an improved waiver recording experience that wouldn’t slow down the posting process.


Get the waivers recorded as soon as possible so that posts could be made legally and quickly.


Basic IA work was done to help scope out feasibility on the FX team’s request and requirement, a Scope of Work was decided on, then visual and interaction design elements were crafted t be passed onto the team.


Create an app that could be used on team tablets that would record their waiver and conform to brand, legal and management guidelines.


A React Native app was created to support the recording of waivers which greatly streamlined the waiver process.

Personal Contribution

I did the initial Information Architecture and worked with the development business team to scope out feasibility features. I also utilized a javascript component framework (Vue/Nuxt ) to mockup responsive designs based on FX’s current brand using html/css to create deliverable that could be tested by stakeholders and utilized by the developers in the final production tablet or on phones.