Hear, Dope, Share

Music Popularity Engine


TWEEDL needed an iOS/Android music app developed to help artists better understand and engage with their audience..

Problem / Opportunity

Although there are more channels than ever that allow music artists to broadcast their music, there was nothing laser focused on providing artists direct feedback on whether or not their music was resonating with their target audience in a way that was easy for listeners and granular for artists.



Provide a quick and easy way to browse music and give fast, prominent feedback (Nah, Dope or non-vote) on whether they thought a song was successful or not.


Get audience feedback for artists as soon as possible on a per track basis (as opposed to followers), gain actionable insight on their audience preferences and grow that audience.


Provide a platform for the music industry as a whole to truly understand and predict what music will be successful.


A basic hi-fi click thru prototype had been researched, created and validated with representative users. We used a combination of iterative IA work, interaction design, detailed prototyping, focus group and internal and external stakeholder feedback to shape a Minimum Viable Product to test as soon as possible in the marketplace.


We created a React Native app for iOS/Android as well as a dedicated website for Artists to upload their work and leverage it in the mobile app. This allowed users to quickly browse tracks from new and established artists in 30 second “chunks” or listen in a more typical “Leanback” mode. As they listened they were asked to vote Nah, Dope or simply pass on voting on tracks. If they Doped a song, they were encouraged to promote the song on social media and directly to their friends.


Instead of trying to infer if their audience likes a song via mixture of metrics such as the number of listens, length of listen, subscriptions/follows, secondary likes or dislikes, artists were given direct and almost immediate feedback on specific songs as well as growing their fanbase via as much sharing as possible. This also helps the business determine which kind of music is trending within an audience via their focused feedback.

Personal Contribution

I worked closely with the clients and our creative agency team to shape Provisional Personas, Information Architecture task flows, content inventories, low and high fidelity wireframes, click thru mockups and interactive prototypes as well as visual design.

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