Arnie the Robot

Small Robot, Big World

Location Based Storytelling is an online/offline entertainment project based around the escapades of a small, fictional robot in existential crisis in Los Angeles. It incorporates non-linear, location/time based storytelling utilizing video, photography, text, music and anything else that seems interesting.


Phase One

Build interesting and engaging stories while testing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Oh yes, and have fun!

Phase Two

Open the project up for collaboration with affiliates or other via a mobile device app.



  • Enable people to find stories via  location or by other means.
  • Engage and entertain


  • Build brand
  • Acquire actionable feedback


I first thought about what we wanted to accomplish and build out an initial analysis. After this, I brainstormed using responsive wireframes, affinity maps, taxonomy diagrams, and use case task flows.


We’ve produced a very basic Responsive MVP on


Still needs a lot of work, some usability testing and more creative content. But we’re getting there!

Personal Contribution

Pretty much everything you see expect for the photography.