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Beauty TV

Video Player Revision

Mobile Usability Fixes


Beauty TV is a multi-platform beauty industry company that chose to employ a third party Video Content Management service to stream its videos via desktop and mobile.

Problem / Opportunity

According to heuristic analysis, the video template used to display the thumbnails didn’t display enough information to enable users to make a decision on what to view next. This was frustrating and they often left the website after a few minutes after watching the initial video.



To be able to choose videos that interested them.


Boost site “stickiness” statistics for mobile users so as to be more attractive to potential advertisers and investors in the future.


Various layouts were tried and one was found to be most effective for the majority of users.


By reducing the number of thumbnails and adding a more verbose description, users were able to make more effective choices while still being able to easily view, digest and interact with the video summaries.


Visitors are viewing more of the videos on mobile devices has also increased site stickiness. The business has better numbers to present to potential advertisers and investors in the future.

Personal Contribution

I did the wireframes, testing and implementation.

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