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Process Miscellany

Stickies, Sorting and Sundry Stuff

Miscellaneous UX Process Work


Process is an important part of UX. Here’s a sampling of things I’ve been working on that will hopefully give you some insight into that process.

Mobile Sticky Development

Greg Nudelman advises developing initial mobile prototypes using large sticky notes for fast iteration. I’ve found this to be pretty helpful to enable one to get a grasp of what’s important and go through ideation quickly. It’s also great for putting in front of potential users for testing purposes because it’s obviously low fidelity and they can feel more comfortable critiquing it.

Card Sorting

Here’s a card sorting exercise that I did internally for a Wall Hugs project to get an idea of how people might organize various elements and concepts in the website.

Card Sorting Excercise

Style Tiles

Style Tiles in conjunction with CSS3 styling and webfont icons are quickly becoming a flexible alternative to traditional Photoshop comps as a means of getting stakeholder sign off and input on a multitude of device layouts. The Styletiles site has a downloadable psd. I prefer Illustrator. If you want to play with a blank template, you can download the file as a zip here :  style_tile_template.ai

User Journey

I noticed that QR Codes were difficult to sometimes scan, not to mention create spontaneously and put on things. I came up with an idea for a way to add information to almost anything in an anonymous and easy fashion I called Xtrio (as in Extra Information). Here’s an informal video based user journey walk through of what that process would be like. It even has a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) website here at xtr.io. It’s not super pretty but it’s Responsive and good for initial user testing.

Fun (Scrum) Board

My old team’s Agile Scrum board. Much conversation was had, sprints stumbled, and coffee drunk.

Mind Mapping / Affinity Diagrams

Here we tossed as many elements that had to do with the website as possible on the board. This let us play with relationships and hierarchy. Most of all, it led to some good conversations with the company as a whole about what was important and not important when people would walk on by and ask us, “What’s that?”